Meeting Minutes: October 2021


October 19, 2021

Meeting started at 6:35pm

Attendees: Carla Tippets, Kimberly Harrison, Kimberly Smith, Becky Takara, Kim Crawford, Linda Seeley, Kelly Thomas, Nicole Brown, Prachi Shelat, Shira Long-Strand, Quoc Tran, Heidi Lewis, Brenda Lafontaine, Izabella Pene, Cris Pene, Kari Dyke, Maile Tooter, Natalie Mix, Eleanor Hin ckley, Christy Wheeler, Laney Jones, Ryan Thomas, Andrea Montera, Tami Biddington, Chantel Wilkinson, Shaina Valladolid, Ginny Brown, Melanie Winters Blodgett, Dulan Weerasinghe, Jennifer McInturff, Lindsey Campbell, John Campbell, Jen Mccalley, Sarika Mosley, Anita Hansen, Koda LaMadrid

Carla Tippets reviewed the last meeting minutes. Approve previous meeting minutes online. Approved by Kimberly Smith. Seconded by Melanie Winters. 

Budget Review:

  • We have approx. $16,000 in the bank
  • Our projected budget for the year is $34,757.98
  • We are trying to raise funds for teacher development and community building exercises. 
  • We need an auditor to review the treasurer report each month who is not a board member signer. (edit: 2 parents have volunteered) 

Committee Review:

Eagle Walk N’ Roll

  • Report by Kari Dyke, fundraising committee. The kids are very excited about the Eagle Walk N Roll on thursday despite rain. 
  • We have already raised $1400. 
  • Please return your Eagle Walk N Roll envelope, that is how the kids will be entered into drawings for prizes. 
  • Kids will be running on the blacktop in the front of the school. If you want to watch as a parent you can cheer on your kids from the sidewalk while wearing masks. 

Oregon Battle of the Books

  • Natalie Mix is helping organize.
  •  Oregon Battle of the Books is an initiative to help kids get involved in reading. They read a list of books and then compete in trivia competitions about the books.
  •  It’s Wednesday afternoon, November through March. We still need volunteers and book donations.

Board Items

  • Review by Koda LaMadrid, Vice President.
  • We desperately need a yearbook volunteer. 
  • We have other volunteer needs. 
  • We also signed up for a bottle drop program. You can take a blue bag to fill with bottles at home and return to any bottle drop to receive credit, or you can drop bottles and cans at any PTA Meeting. 

Teacher Feature: 

Sarika Mosley, born in London, lived in Zambia, and then moved to California and has since migrated to OR. She used to be a financial analyst. She got tired of that and switched careers to teaching. She has been teaching for 17 years. She has experience in math, science, teacher development, and as a principal. She’s excited to be back in the classroom and see the learning development with her 6th graders. 

Principal Moment: 

  • 3rd Tuesday in November is the next PTA meeting with the scholastic book fair outside. 
  • We still can’t have volunteers, due in part to the covid vaccine requirements as well as the district requires fingerprinting for all adult volunteers. If you haven’t done the simple background check please do that on this website
  • We have the Eagle Walk N’ Roll on thursday. It’s supposed to rain. Parents are allowed to watch their kids from the sidewalk. 
  • December 14th bookmark a holiday type event . 
  • School is going great. We’re seeing lots of growth with the kids and fun activities happening at the school. 
  • HSD needs you for parent committees. We need parents on the Curriculm committee. They also need parents for the budget committee. Reach out to Principal Mccalley. 


  • Bring out Lost and Found at PTA meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

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