Meeting Minutes: November 2021


NOVEMBER 16, 2021 

Meeting started at 6:34pm

Attendees: Anita Hansen, Kimberly Smith, Koda LaMadrid, Becky Takara, Adriana Maramontes, Abby Ismath, Amy Fowles, Laney Jones, Jennifer McInturff, Natalie Mix, Melanie Winters-Blodgett, Tami Biddington, Nicole Brown, Crystal Connors, Shira Long-Strand, Linda Seeley, Ryan Tesdal, Jen McCalley, Jazmin Martinez, Monica Burns, Zachary Clark-Williams, Rosallea Pintov, Tami Glem, Yazmin Gamez

 Approve previous meeting minutes online. Approved by Carla Tippets, Tami Biddington, Kim Crawford, Kimberly Harrison, Koda LaMadrid, Kimberly Smith, Shira Long-Strand, Melanie Winters-Blodgett.

Budget Review:

  • We have raised $17,135.56 from Eagle Walk n’Roll. 
  • $2225 at least is expected from matching, for a possible total of $19,360.56 or more. 
  • This success funds our entire budget for the year. Our second goal now that this year is funded, is to set ourselves up better for next year. We want to carry over more money so we can increase budget next year. Covid was a hard year so we are catching up from having almost no income last year.

Committee Review:

  • None

City of Hillsboro Safe Routes Feature:

  • City of Hillsboro Safe Routes – Bernadette Lee
  • The goal is to increase the number of kids safely walking and rolling to school (bike, bus, skateboard, scootering, etc). This is a national program that has 6 elements. Equity, engagement, education, encouragement, engineering, evaluation.
  • 1st step is to develop an action plan. Imlay is in this introduction and data collection phase. Teachers will be asking kids on three days during one week: how did you get to school today? Next step will be parent survey and walking tour. 
  • Looking for parent representative to participate and provide input in this process. Meeting up to three times over the next six months. Also would need to come to the walking tour.
  • Need help from PTA in advertising the parent survey.

Teacher Feature: 

  • Ryan Tesdal. Mr. Tesdal or Mr. T. Teaching for 15 years. 1St, 2nd, and 3rd, grade. First year teaching PE. 8 years at Mooberry, and 6 years at Lenox. Has 2 kids. 6th grader and 3rd grader at Jackson elementary. His wife was also a teacher for 13 years, and is now in real estate. He wants to stay in the PE position at Imlay for a long time. 
  • Teaching small groups math during extra time during the school day.

Open Floor:

  • Still no yearbook committee volunteer. We are in a contract and will have to pay for it even if no one builds it.
  • Shira- Is there a bike safety class for kids?
  • Natalie Mix- update on parent volunteers? 

Principal Moment: 

  • McCalley – parents allowed in building as soon as they finish the process. HSD background check. Vaccine card uploaded, (can be in the building, but never alone with children). Fingerprinting – school will pay for it to be alone with students.
  • Please only volunteer in one classroom in a day – at least until January.
  • Please call office after 9am to check you are cleared to volunteer.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm

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