Meeting Minutes: May 2022


MAY 17, 2022

Meeting started at 6:35pm

Attendees: Anita Hansen, Kimberly Smith, Koda LaMadrid, Carla Tippets, Monica Burns, Emily Gibson, Jen McCalley, Kim Crawford, Eleanor Hinckley, Kimberly Harrison, Maile Tooter, Chantel Wilkinson, Amy Fowles, Kerri Moore, Becky Takara, Crystal Connors, Nicole Brown, Shira Long-Strand, Ana Teresa Lopez, Linda Seeley, Nicole Brown, Margaret Hayes

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Secretary Review: Minutes are found on the website… or if you email I can email them to you.

Budget Review:

  • Currently expecting a carry over of ~15K
  • If you have receipts, they need to be turned in by June 17th for reimbursement


  • Carnival Committee: It’s June 3rd from 5-7pm. We need volunteers for set up, games during, and clean up. We need someone on the team for advertising! 
  • Sixth Grade Party: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! 
  • June 15th 10:00-1:30 behind the school. From 1-1:30 we will have a video slide show in the library. The food is donated. We will have a photo booth and a slide. We have a t-shirt and memory book for each kid. 
  • We would like to borrow yard games
  • Bike Helmet Check June 1 at 2pm. Bring your helmet and have Hillsboro Police Department help make sure it fits correctly.
  • Dine-Out: Friday May 20 at Menchie’s! Come get dessert. Last dine out of the year
  • Spirit Gear: Adding a red t-shirt with a new logo and women’s v-neck. Orders can be placed on the website and will be placed with the company May 30. 

Board Elections: Crystal Connors moves to elect Kim Crawford for PTA President, Amy Fowles for Vice President, Chantel Wilkinson for Secretary, Kimberly Smith for Treasurer, Kimberly Harrison for Communications. Koda LaMadrid seconds. Vote taken and was approved. 

Open Floor:

  • Shannon Lusk requests money for a garden shed. $2321 for a tough shed. She has applied for grants to buy garden supplies and has no where to store them all.
  • The grants include
    Kids Gardening Grant: garden tools, garden seeds, and $250 toward the garden
    TWIG: $2000 of garden supplies
    Daisy Rain Garden through Oregon State University: The 20 garden pots which are hooked up to a timed water system
    GO STEM: $150 MakerSpace grant
  • Parent Questions: Can we get a better deal through the big box stores? Can we do fundraising for at least some or all of the funds? 
  • 9 votes to fund the shed fully, 6 voted to partially fund the shed. Carla Tippets motions to give $1321 for a shed. Crystal Connors seconded. It passed. 
  • Gab Diaz built a shed in the back for his eagle scout project. This shed houses all the supplies for a catastrophic emergency (i.e. solar blankets, potable toilets, medical supplies). We would like to be prepared in the event of a worst case scenario. We need someone to take over this project. 
  • Pavement Project: Anita received a grant to paint the pavement with educational materials. We need help on a sunny weekend to do the painting project. 

Principal Moment: 

  • We’re excited to relaunch our end of year traditions without restrictions. WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!! Please call the office to let them know when you can help. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm

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