Meeting Minutes: June 2022

June 14, 2022
Meeting started at 6:33pm

Attendees: Lindsay Campbell, Kimberly Harrison, Crystal Connors, Chantel Wilkinson, Carla Tippets, Koda LaMadrid, Anita Hansen, Jen McCalley, Linda Seeley, Natalie Mix, Kerri Moore, Kim Crawford

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes online. Approved by Shira Long Strand, Chantel Wilkinson, Nicole Brown, Maile Tooter, Monica Burns, Koda LaMadrid, Emily Gibson, Kimberly Smith.

Budget Review:
Current balance is $29,543.67. Total expenses expected before end of fiscal year is up to $6100. Projected carry over for 2022-2023 is $23,443.67.
The New PTA Board will meet after July 1st to amend the budget to fit the school’s needs for 2022-2023.
Koda LaMadrid motions to approve the 2022-2023 budget with an addendum to add a field trip line item. Linda Seeley seconds.

Eagle Walk N’ Roll Committee: We need to pick a date and get a committee formed. Possible Dates Oct 6.
Carnival Committee: Great turn-out! We made approximately $2000. We ordered a soak n’ wet for next year. We took a survey with parent feedback for next year and are also hopeful to make a carnival club next year to help run the carnival.
Sixth Grade Party: Lunch was donated. A blow up obstacle course race was rented. Kona Ice was bought for each student. A memory book and tshirt was given to each student.
Dine-Out: We raised $1,784. This was our first year since 2019 doing dine out.
Bottle Drop: We raised $292.62.
Spirit Gear: We are happy with our product. We are hoping to avoid supply chain issues next year. We’re hoping to do 4 large gear orders next year, including the first in the PTA Welcome packet in September and one for Christmas.

Open Floor:
Anita needs someone to take over the painting of the pavement, and also the emergency supplies shed. Mr. McCoy was interested in the painting. Facilities need to powerwash the blacktop 3 days ahead.
Lindsay Campbell: Why hasn’t the school communicated about staff leaving? A: There has been a lot of anxiety for the students around staff leaving

Principal Moment:
We’re excited to relaunch our end of year traditions without restrictions. WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!! Please call the office to let them know when you can help.

Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm

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