Meeting Minutes: April 2022


APRIL 19, 2022

Meeting started at 6:45pm

Attendees: Anita Hansen, Kimberly Smith, Koda LaMadrid, Carla Tippets, Monica Burns, Kimberly Crawford, Eleanor Hinckley, Kimberly Harrison, Jennifer McInturff, Maile Tooter, Erin VanderMeide, Lindsay Campbell, Phil Curry, Chantel Wilkinson, Rachel, Amy Fowles, Grace Reyes, Margaret Hayes.

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Budget Review:

  • Mrs. Biddington requested $200 for supplies for the other 3rd grade class. They are on their 3rd teacher of the year and in need of supplies.
  • The 6th grade committee requested an extra $138 for 67 memory books on top of the $1000 allotted for the 6th grade committees.
  • As of current spending we are expecting to have $15,000 left over to start next year. (We are allowed to carry over 2x our annual budget ~70k)
  • If you want a vote in how the money is spent, please feel free to join the PTA or even become a board member. 


  • Carnival Committee: It’s June 3rd from 5-7pm. 
  • We need someone on the team for advertising! 
  • Sixth Grade Party: June 15th 10:30-1:30 behind the school. From 1-1:30 we will have a video slide show in the library. The food is donated. We will have a photo booth and a slide. We have a t-shirt and memory book for each kid. 
  • We need pictures of all the sixth graders!
  • We need 5 volunteers for the obstacle course
  • We would like to borrow yard games
  • Bottle Drop Count did not have any extra donations this month. 
  • Dine-Out: April 28th Jersey Mikes, and Menchies Friday May 20
  • Spirit Gear: Adding a red t-shirt with a new logo and women’s v-neck. Orders can be placed on the website and will be placed with the company the 1st of May and the 1st of June. 
  • Teacher Appreciation: May 2-May 6th. Our theme is The Wonderful World of Imlay inspired by the wonderful wizard of Oz. We would like kids to be more involved, and will be sending home an assignment this week. 
  • Food Pantry: We need more food that is easy for young children to eat and prepare, for example: cereal, bars, peanut butter. 

Open Floor:

  • Amy- Staff appreciation item for Amanda Bethune for substitute principaling. 


  • We need nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary.
  • Kimberly nominated Chantel Wilkinson for Secretary and Kim Crawford for President.

Principal Moment: 

  • Jen McCalley is back from an extended leave (taking care of her mother who has been diagnosed with cancer). 
  • In the past month, we finished CSE Lessons and we hosted Imlay Steam Night. 
  • We lost our long term 3rd grade sub that was covering Ms. Glem’s 3rd grade class after her retirement, and have found another sub to finish out the year. 
  • This week state testing for 4-6th grade began and will continue through next week. 
  • We will have an Imlay Culture Night in May. 
  • We have also received funding for summer programs this summer to address gaps resulting from covid. It is invitation only. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:22pm

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